Mini-drop swirl

This challenge deserved a blog post ! For the return of the soap challenge club, we had to try the mini drop swirl technique. Since it « seemed » (emphasis on the « ) pretty easy to me, I decided to try the advanced one, with mini drops inside the soap and not only on the surface.
The entry I am posting is my fourth try ! The first one was quite easy to make, but after cutting I noticed that the drops inside the soap were way to tiny, almost unnoticeable.


Plus I didn’t achieve the surface drops, so I made two more intents, with natural colourants (indigo, cocoa powder and anatto). Again I wasn’t satisfied with the surface, I liked the inner drops but not the stripes. My third attempt overheated in the oven and was still soft 4 days later. I was beyond disappointed, since I was hoping that it would be the right one.
Then I made my fourth try which is still not what I am looking for but better than the first attempts. Boy was it tough !


This challenge has definitely been one the most challenging I’ve made, I am glad that I didn’t give up and I just love how the drops look as if they were suspended inside the soap.

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