Mini-drop swirl

This challenge deserved a blog post ! For the return of the soap challenge club, we had to try the mini drop swirl technique. Since it « seemed » (emphasis on the « ) pretty easy to me, I decided to try the advanced one, with mini drops inside the soap and not only on the surface.
The entry I am posting is my fourth try ! The first one was quite easy to make, but after cutting I noticed that the drops inside the soap were way to tiny, almost unnoticeable.


Plus I didn’t achieve the surface drops, so I made two more intents, with natural colourants (indigo, cocoa powder and anatto). Again I wasn’t satisfied with the surface, I liked the inner drops but not the stripes. My third attempt overheated in the oven and was still soft 4 days later. I was beyond disappointed, since I was hoping that it would be the right one.
Then I made my fourth try which is still not what I am looking for but better than the first attempts. Boy was it tough !


This challenge has definitely been one the most challenging I’ve made, I am glad that I didn’t give up and I just love how the drops look as if they were suspended inside the soap.

Soap challenge club : Rainbow Unicorn

Hello ! Ce mois ci j’ai participé au challenge unicorn and rainbow du soap challenge club. Voici ma participation, 3 petites licornes à la crinière arc en ciel. Pour la fragrance je me suis demandée « quelle odeur doit avoir une licorne ? » je me suis imaginée une odeur douce, chaude et sucrée, fleurie et pétillante à la fois. J’ai donc choisi un mélange des fragrances Damson plum, dance of the sugar plum, walnut de sensory perfection et bubble gum de scent perfique. Pour la crinière j’ai utilisé la technique des poches à douille, c’était mon premier essai et j’en suis plutôt satisfaite.

This month’s challenge is about unicorns and rainbows, and there you are my entry, tree little unicorns with rainbowed manes. For the scent, I asked myself : “what should a unicorn smell like ? “ I figured it should have a sweet scent, warm and sugary, floral and sparkling at the same time. So I’ve used Damson plum, dance of the sugar plum, walnut from sensory perfection and bubble gum from scent perfique. I used piping soap technique for the mane, it was my first try at piping soap and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.





No unicorn has been harmed for this soap ^^